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Drywall Repair


Assessing & Repairing Drywall Damage

Drywall damage can be caused by a variety of reasons. The damage can also vary in size, so your best option is to have a professional have a look at what the drywall problem may be. Whether it’s a hole in your drywall, cracks or water damage, you can count on Walls Painting to repair the problem and get your wall back to perfection.

Patching up even the smallest hole in your drywall can leave an imperfection on your wall if it is not done using the right material or method. Our professional crews have years of experience in drywall repairs and use precision and care when they get the job done. Get in touch with Walls Painting for more information on how we can help repair any damage to your drywall. 


Drywall Repair & Spraying With 1st Houston Painting

1st Houston Painting has many years of experience in drywall repairs & spraying for residential and commercial properties in the Greater Houston Texas area. Our crews are highly skilled and take pride in the services we provide our clients. If you’re in need of drywall services, get in touch with us today to receive a free estimate! 


Leave No Trace After A Drywall Repair

After a drywall repair has taken place, you’re left with a patch on your wall. This can be an eyesore and constant reminder of the damage that was there before. Walls Painting is dedicated to leaving your walls looking perfect. Depending on the size of the drywall repair that was completed, our crews will either prepare your drywall to be painted or they will begin matching the colour of your existing wall so that they can paint over the repair.

Before you start to paint, regardless of the size of the area, it is important that the area is properly primed for painting. Primed drywall will help the paint adhere better to the walls and leave the final product looking better and lasting longer. Our professional crews are highly skilled in drywall spraying and use the highest quality of materials to get the job done! If you’re in need of drywall spraying in Houston Texas, contact 1st Houston Painting today! 

Drywall Repair Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the extent of the damage to the drywall. Individual holes are quite easy for us to repair, however if the drywall appears to be torn apart and has many holes and cracks that span a wider area, then drywall replacement is the better option for a seamless repair job. We will assess the damage before recommending one option or the other. Contact us today to assess your damaged drywall and receive a quote on repairs.

It is always best to prime the repaired area before painting. That way, the paint that will cover the repaired drywall will properly adhere to the wall and provide a clean and uniform finish. If you want to ensure painting is done properly after drywall repair, then trust the professionals at Walls Painting to get the job done.

Paint can fill shallow hairline cracks in drywall, however it is still possible for imperfections to appear. Deeper hairline cracks should have a filler applied before priming and painting. Our team of drywall and painting experts know exactly how to repair all types of hairline cracks in drywall, so these things are best left to the professionals to ensure a flawless drywall repair and paint job.

Drywall cracks can occur in both new and older buildings. In older buildings, drywall begins to settle as it ages which can cause cracking over time. Cracks can also form when seasons shift because of changing temperatures and humidity levels. Most commonly, drywall cracks form due to faulty construction. That’s why it’s important to trust an experienced drywall professional to repair any cracks so it can be done right and prevent cracks from returning.

We ask that you clear the area around the damaged drywall of any furniture and wall hangings before we arrive. If possible, colour match the paint on the walls so we know exactly which colour paint to use once the drywall is repaired. Don’t worry if it’s not perfectly matched since we’ll double check to make sure it’s a perfect match before painting.


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